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Guided Visit : Youngtimer


Les youngtimers présentés répondent tous aux critères de faible kilométrage et en état d'origine, le plus proche du neuf.

BX 16 Soupapes of 1989 (53104 Km)

BX 16 TRS of 1982 (23842 Km)

BX Leader of 1987 (6733 Km)

Visa Super of 1978 (11212 Km)

Visa II Super of 1982 (2226 Km)

Visa Bicylindres of 1988 (6873 Km)

LNA 11E Canelle of 1983 (4781 Km)

Axel Entreprise of 1986 (1936Km)

AX K-WAY of 1990 (6694 Km)

AX Miami of 1995 (8878 Km)

AX Spot of 1995 (174 Km)

Xantia Activa of 1997 (1580 Km)

XM V6 of 1990 (34210 Km)

XM of 1992 (35153 Km)

XM of 1998 (57095 Km)


BX Leader of 1987

6733 Km

COLOUR: Bleu Romantique

MODEL: Limited edition of only 2500 examples launched in January 1985, finished in 1987 with a total of 12,500kms. It’s a very well-equipped BX at a low price!

In the interior: 1. Seats trimmed in tartan material with front head rests

2. Pre-installed radio.


Exterior: 1. Side protection strips.

2. Specific motifs on the bodywork.

3.Wheel trims from the BX19GT

4. Metallic grey (‘gris Perle’) or from 1987 the choice of the rare colour ‘Bleu Romantique’.


Engine 1360cc 4 cylinders with carburettor, 62Ch (about 60bhp), 4 speed gearbox, 155km/hr

HISTORY: The Citroen dealer of Corbeil  driving a DS estate  visited a retired gentleman, Mr Ribassin, trying to sell him a new Citroën : It will be this particular BX. Mr Ribassin will only drive a little up to his death in 2009, covering only 3000kms in 22 years. A Mr Tissier, an enthusiast of the BX model, buys this rare car with Bleu Romantique paint near his home. He only adds another 3000kms, and then puts it for sale in the classifieds in 2016.I ask my Parisian friend Eric Chandonnay to meet him. He shares the same high standards as me, and gives me the green light for this new acquisition. Mr Tissier was kind enough to organise transport by train from Paris to Frejus.

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