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Guided Visit : Dyane


Our DYANE exposed

All the Dyane fulfill the requirements of very low mileage and absolute original condition.

* Dyane 6 of 1969 (15255 Km)

* Dyane 6 of 1980 (24355km)

* Dyane 6 of 1980 (10865 Km)

* Dyane 6 of 1981 (18121 Km)

* Dyane 6 of 1983 (5684 Km)

* Acadiane of 1980 (108 Km)

* Acadiane GPL of 1982 (1888 Km)


Acadiane de 1980 (108 Km)

Acadiane  KM: 108 !

YEAR: 10/1980

COLOUR: Bleu Azurite (AC 650)

MODEL: Acadiane from March 1978, 602 cc engine. 33 HP 7.000 rpm. Fiscal 3CV. 480 kg payload. 1,61 m floor. The van option disappeared in March 1978 when the AZU and AK vans were replaced by the Acadiane. Option: The right front seat fold forwards in order to get a practical vehicle.  

HISTORY: A Citroën garagist from Lyon contacted me to propose me this Acadiane whose actual mileage was 42 kms at the time. When I could go and see it, its  speedodometer indicated 106 kms, to my great disappointment: its owner had considered it a good idea to bring the vehicle to the technical check up point 32 kms away from his garage! At the beginning, the car was ordered but never completely payed.  Then a wealthy carpenter bought it without conviction to please his local Citroën dealer. He had been keeping it in ideal conditions, among other expensive cars, for 25 years.

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