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Guided Visit : 2CV


Our 2CV exposed

All the 2CV fulfill the requirements of very low mileage and absolute original condition.

* 2CV /1954 (7285 Km)

* 2CV AZLP/1960 (7335 Km)

* 2CV AZLP /1959 (13645 Km)

* 2CV AZ /1961 (5994 Km)

* 2CV 4x4 /1962 (60000 Km)

* 2CV AZA /1963 (12936 Km)

* 2CV ENAC /1963 (44521 Km)

* 2CV AZAM /1964 (12646 Km)

* 2CV AZAM /1965 (7056 Km)

* 2CV ENAC /1965 (1899 Km)

* 2CV /1972 (12853 Km)

* 2CV /1978 (1571 Km)

* 2CV6 France3 /1983 (26303Km)

* 2CV6 CT / 1984 (84 Kms)

* 2CV Dolly/ 1985 (8593Km)

* 2CV Charleston /1990 (726 Km)

* 2CV fourgonnette /1964 (11794 Km)

* 2CV camionnette /1960 (15568 Km)



2CV Charleston

ANNEE: 1990

KM: 726




MODEL: Based on the 2CV 6 Special, the Charleston was first shown at the Paris Salon in October 1980 as a limited edition of 8,000 cars. Produced to mark the end of production, it was so successful that the decision to continue production was taken. The last 2CV left the factory at Mangualde in Portugal on July 1990.
Total production of the 2CV from 1948 to 1990: 5,114,961 vehicles.  
It was offered initially in maroon and black, and in 1982 yellow (AC 336) and black was added, followed by light and dark grey (AC 099 + AC 057) in 1983. In July 1987, the 2CV Club was phased out, the only remaining models being the Special and the Charleston.    


HISTORY: This 2CV was brought to my attention by a Citroen fan, a Mr. Fabriol. On arriving at the place, I entered a huge, almost empty hangar, just containing 2 new 2CVs side-by-side. At the announcement of the end of 2CV production, two brothers who were closing down their transportation company each decided to buy a new 2CV. The vendor explained to me that the mileage was made solely in the first six months, as demonstrated by the two ‘vignettes’ (tax discs) in order to get the free six month manufacturers service. There was no problem striking a deal: the asking price was the purchase price. As for the other 2CV, the seller who has since  fallen out with his brother, refused to give me his address. He then proudly announced that his brother had not benefited from the free service like he had, as he had only driven the 21km from the dealership to his garage! 

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