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Guided Visit : DS


Our DS exposed

All the DS and ID fulfill the requirements of very low mileage and absolute original condition (except convertibles).

* DS 19 /1955 N°32 (69780 Km)

* DS 19 / 1957

* DS 19 /1958 (27746 Km)

* DS 19 /1959 (41137 Km)

* DS 19 /1961 (37069 Km)

* ID 19p /1963 (27348 Km)

* DS 19 /1963 (18659 Km)

* DS 21 Cabriolet /1966 (147174 Km)

* ID 19 Commerciale /1966 (50320 Km)

* DS 19 /1967 (42191 Km)

* DS 19 Pallas /1967 (11530 Km)

* DS 21 /1967 (11505 Km)

* DS 21 /1967 (46466 Km)

* DS 21 /1967 (68894 Km)

* ID 19 /1968 (39919Km)

* DS 21M / 1969 (66171Kms)

* DSuper /1970 (50638 Km)

* DS 21 IE / 1971 (8735 Kms)

* DS 21 IE Cabriolet /1972 (56624 Km)

* DS 20 /1973 (45349 Km)

* DS 23 Pallas /1973 (19151 Km)

* DS 23IE /1973 (22150 Km)

* DS 20 Préfecture /1974 (36626 Km)


ID19P from 1961.8974KM.
Colour: Absinthe AC512.

MODEL: The ID19 was launched in May 1957, 18 months after the DS.
The first ID model was distinguished from the DS by:
-Smaller wheel trims that do not cover the whole rim.
-The bumpers and trim items in aluminium.
-The roof in reinforced plastic resin (translucent).
-A larger steering wheel, as the steering was not power-assisted (which became an option from March 1963).
-Absence of vents on the front wings, as found on the DS from 1960 to 1962.
Here is the ‘Confort’ version, more luxurious than the ‘Luxe’ version. The engine is 1911cc, 66Ch (about 62bhp). 4 speed gearbox, first gear not synchronized. The first model year with a 12 volt electrical system. Unassisted brakes (last year of this). Rear screen of Plexiglass.
Price at the time: 11,200 Francs.

HISTORY: Following an advert that appeared in the LVA in January 1996, I discovered this ID in a condition that was consistent with its displayed mileage. There was no evidence of wear or corrosion, the rear seat and door panels were under plastic covers, the front seats covered with Helanca covers. At the time of the purchase, I knew nothing of the history of the car. 17 years later, at the time I was putting the car back in order, I made contact again with the vendor. I inadvertently spoke to his father, who told me that he was the real owner of the car. In fact, his son had sold the car without telling him. He needed space in his Toyota agency, where the ID had been put in a corner since 1981. The father had been told by one of his clients that her neighbor did not know what to do with the car of her late husband. The car had always been kept in a heated garage and was protected with covers. Not liking Citroens, he had bought it nonetheless, on seeing its exceptional condition.

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