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The museum contains post-war Citroens, exclusively in exceptional, "show room" condition, with very low mileage.

The museum is the result of 34 years of passion and dedication to the search for these cars all over France.

The whole range is represented from the 2CV to the SM, in an almost "new from the factory" condition.

Furthermore, some are exceptionally rare, such as the famous DS no. 32, sold in 1955, and the oldest example of this model known to be in existence today.

The 2000m2 building is purpose-built, and holds in all around 80 cars.

Each car is exhibited with an explanatory card describing the model and its history, and the reason for its exceptional condition. Articles from the motoring press featuring that particular car are also displayed.

In addition, the museum is decorated with original contemporary plates, Citroen signs and flags from the era, most discovered new and unmarked by use in garages. The search has also uncovered original posters and rare press photos.


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