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The museum is solely dedicated to postwar Citroens in exceptional original condition and very low mileage.
It is the result of 40 years of passion, dedicated to the search for these vehicles over the whole of Europe, and to their maintenance and perfect function.

The 2500m2 space specially designed for the museum is made up of 3 sections representing: the 2CV and its derivatives, the DS and the Tractions, and the Youngtimers.
The most remarkable car is the oldest production DS known to this day, the ‘no.32’, presented on a turntable, in the style of the first day of the Paris salon, the 6th October 1955.

The 120 or so Citroens assembled are in a condition close to that as they left the factory, for the most part with original paintwork. The average mileage of the cars is around 20,000kms. Each vehicle is displayed with an information sheet showing the model and its history, an explanation for its low mileage, how it was stored and the circumstances of how it was acquired. Any press articles and documents related to the vehicle are attached.

Effort has also been made to decorate with vintage memorabilia: pedal cars, signs, posters, enamel plaques, in the most part found new and never used. The development of a service station from the 1970s completed the project.


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