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Guided Visit : CX


Our CX exposed

All the CX fulfill the requirements of very low mileage and absolute original condition.

* CX 22 TRS from 1988 (62 Km)

* CX 2000 Pallas from 1976 (26963 Km)
* CX GTI /1981 (48890 Km)

* CX Athena /1982 (41932 Km)

* CX Break /1982 (13819 Km)

* CX Safari /1984 (13684 Km)

* CX Prototype REGAMO /1987 (30260 Km)

* CX Prestige/1988 (136 Km)

* CX Leader/1989 (9217 Km)


CX Safari from 1984

Km: 13684

Colour: Gris perlé.

MODEL:English version of the CX estate, called the Safari. Right hand drive.
Engine: 2 litres of 106cv, a light alloy overhead camshaft engine known as the PRV (Peugeot, Renault, Volvo) also used in the Renault 20 and Peugeot 505.
Option: 5 speed gearbox. Maximum speed 176km/hr.
Price at the time: 88,200 francs

HISTORY: An Englishman called Ed came to visit my museum in 2005. We became acquainted when his CX had engine trouble in the car park of the museum. I identified an ignition lead problem and he was able to leave with the problem fixed. Since then we have become friends. Two years later, Ed found this CX for me, with one owner and only 12,000 miles from new (approximately 20,000kms). From the first day, the owner had protected the boot and the seats with covers, and only used the car sparingly in good weather. After only a couple of years, he became ill and could no longer drive and the car was sold after he died. Ed went to retrieve the car, then we went over to collect it from just outside London before finally crossing back to France with right hand drive!

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