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Guided Visit : Youngtimer


Les youngtimers présentés répondent tous aux critères de faible kilométrage et en état d'origine, le plus proche du neuf.

BX 16 Soupapes of 1989 (53104 Km)

BX 16 TRS of 1982 (23842 Km)

BX Leader of 1987 (6733 Km)

Visa Super of 1978 (11212 Km)

Visa II Super of 1982 (2226 Km)

Visa GT of 1985 (31150 km)

Visa Bicylindres of 1988 (6873 Km)

LNA 11E Canelle of 1983 (4781 Km)

Axel Entreprise of 1986 (1936Km)

AX K-WAY of 1990 (6694 Km)

AX Miami of 1995 (8878 Km)

AX Spot of 1995 (174 Km)

Xantia Activa of 1997 (1580 Km)

XM V6 of 1990 (34210 Km)

XM of 1992 (35153 Km)

XM of 1998 (57095 Km)



31 150 KM

YEAR: 07/85                                                           

COLOUR: Gris Perlé




1360cc engine found also in the Peugeot 104ZS. 80bhp.
Twin carburettor single barrel. Maximum speed 169kph.
5 speed gearbox.
Front disc brakes with master-Vac brake servo.
The Visa GT was produced from 1983 to 1987. It was distinguished by a front spoiler and a rear spoiler, side stripes and other adornments.
The front grille stripes were widened from July 1984.
Alloy wheels were an option from the 1985 model year.
Price at the time: 58900 Francs = 8978 Euros (the most expensive version)
Minimum monthly wage at the time: 4400 Francs = 670 Euros


Mr Paul Primault was a retired forestry manager. In 1985, he decided to buy a Visa and visited the Citroen dealer in Chapelle Saint-Luc, near Troyes. They managed to sell him the GT, the most expensive but also the most responsive variant, even though our brave 73 year old man did not have speed as a priority.
He died ten years later, and his daughter inherited the Visa. She also did not appreciate the responsiveness of the car and decided to quickly part with it. She contacted her most local dealer, Mr Norbert Prive of Bar-sur-Aube. An enlightened connoisseur, he kept the car safely for 25 years. He used it sparingly, only making one long trip to the Eurocitro meeting at Le Mans.
Every year I host the Activa Club for a guided tour, which is how I heard about this car. Arriving to look at it, I received a warm welcome. Norbert combines good humour with great competence, after a life devoted to the marque. The purchase was made in complete confidence.

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