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Guided Visit : AMI


Our AMI exposed

All the AMI fulfill the requirements of very low mileage and absolute original condition.

* AMI 6 /1963 (8546 Km)

* AMI 6 /1965 (17866 Km)

* AMI 6 /1966 (5236 Km)

* AMI 6 Club/1969 (47102 Km)

* AMI 6 Break /1969 (17742 Km)

* AMI 6 Break /1969 (38038 Km)

* AMI 8 Club /1972 (644 Km)

* AMI 8 /1973 (1412 Km)

* AMI Super Club /1973(11225Km)

* AMI Super confort/1973 (2204Km)

* AMI 8 Break /1974 (7048 Km)

* AMI Super /1975 (40831 Km)

* AMI Super /1975 (16936 Km)


AMI 6 Club   47 102 KM

YEAR: 01/1969

COLOUR: Beige antilope AC 094   




MODEL: Twin cylinder engine of 35Ch, air cooled.Maximum speed: 123 km/h.
4 speed gearbox, drumbrakes.12 volt alternator.
The Club saloon was only produced from September 1968 to March 1969, the date of the end of Ami 6 saloon production, when it was replaced by the Ami 8 saloon.
For the 1969 model year, the steering wheel and dashboard are black (like the DS of the same year).  
The Club version is characterized by a more refined finish:
-        Bodywork trim in the style of the DS Pallas
-        Very fragile plastic wheel trims, made by Gala
-        4 headlamp grille.
-        Woven carpet
-        Cloth/skai upholstery
-        Stainless steel door sill trims in the style of the DS Pallas
-        Trunk trim cover

Price at the time : 1321 euros (Minimum monthly wage: 81 euros).

HISTORY: The saloon Club version was very short-lived and therefore rare, and so I had never been able to find this model. That is until my friend Eric Navarro in the Var decided to sell his car on the internet. He hadn’t considered that I might be interested, due to some blemishes on the bodywork, even though the car otherwise met the criteria of the museum. Before Eric, there had only been one owner, a baker from the centre of Valence. The car had been ordered new  from the Minodier garage of Valence, which had also supplied the famous DS19 no.32, 14 years earlier.
During the restoration of the cathedral of Valence, the road between the the bakery and the baker’s house had been cut off. It was necessary to reverse into the house. The elderly lady had found it difficult to perform this manoeuvre. It was decided to store the car until its sale in 2005.

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