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2CV AZLP of 1960


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2CV AZLP  of 1960

7 335 Kms

Couleur: Bleu Glacier AC606





MODEL: One of the last saloons produced with the ‘ripple bonnet’ (the new bonnet was from December 1960).
425 cc engine, 12 bhp at 4,000 rpm.
Centrifugal clutch as standard.
Tyres: Pilote 135x380 from November 1959, replacing the 125x400. Options: Radio called “Radioën” and antenna. Price: 363 new Francs.
Accessories: Satai trims on the rear wings, plastic steering wheel cover, window clips and crests of Vichy and of Allier.
From July, a protective cover on the tube of the back of the front seats, still protected by a plastic cover from the factory.
Price at the time: 4,790 new Francs.


HISTORY: Mrs Roux-Maugé passed her driving test in September 1958. Her father decided to order a 2CV to give to his daughter but with a waiting time of 2 years. On the arrival of the 2CV, the daughter never got used to driving it: she found the jolts caused by the unpleasant wheel turning, and the centrifugal clutch was not mastered. The last oil change was done in 1965 at 7240kms, the very last outing took place in 1966 at the funeral of her grandfather. After 7318km, the car was stored in her father’s garage, well protected under covers.
In January 2020, before emptying the family home in Vichy, the decision to make more space is made: the 2CV must leave for the first time in 54 years. The car will be entrusted to an auction house in Vichy.
It is listed for sale one day before the auction. Several friends point it out to me, but the deadline is close. I call my friend Guy Deslandes to the rescue. Living at 80 kms from Vichy, he spontaneously offers to be there an hour before the sale, in time to examine the car. The following day, Guy described the car to me as being in exceptional original condition, having suffered no damage or need for restoration. The auction went well. After a week, I find the car in every way in accordance with Guy’s description. Some accessories have been mounted, rear wing trims, a steering wheel cover, window hangers, but above all the rare Radioën option had been specified. All the optional equipment was there, but the radio was absent. I contacted the owner and she remembered that she had it in her bedroom since 1965 ! She was kind enough to give it to me.
Complete cleaning and restarting were not a problem. The car has no corrosion, the original condition is very close to new, making it an exceptional 2CV, one of the last of the ripple bonnet saloons.


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