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Guided Visit : Dyane


Our DYANE exposed

All the Dyane fulfill the requirements of very low mileage and absolute original condition.

* Dyane 6 of 1969 (15255 Km)

* Dyane 6 of 1980 (24355km)

* Dyane 6 of 1980 (10865 Km)

* Dyane 6 of 1981 (18121 Km)

* Dyane 6 of 1983 (5684 Km)

* Acadiane of 1980 (108 Km)

* Acadiane GPL of 1982 (1888 Km)


Acadiane GPL Jully 1982 (1888 Km)

Acadiane GPL Jully 1982 (1888 Km). COLOUR:  Blanc Alaska AC 077.

MODEL : From the beginning of 1980, Citroen offered the Acadiane running exclusively on LPG, the bi-fuel function being forbidden in France at the time. The 602cc engine from the standard vehicle is kept, with a water-cooling system being created using what was originally a fuel pump as a water pump.  The performance was almost identical to the standard vehicle. Very few were sold but this demonstrates Citroen was one of the pioneers of budget fuels.


A grocer from Tours ordered this version and after 2 years and 1800kms of use, he decided to park it in a disused chapel. Deciding it was too big (?!), he replaced it with a Fiat Turino which ended up in the same place surrounded by hundreds of bottles and empty wine casks. In 2011, the town of Tours decided to restore its oldest chapel, which dated from the 11th century. It was necessary to remove the cars - a close family friend who was an old car fan was given this task and then offered me this vehicle in exchange for an Ami 8 from the museum. 

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