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Guided Visit : Dyane


Our DYANE exposed

All the Dyane fulfill the requirements of very low mileage and absolute original condition.

* Dyane 6 of 1969 (15255 Km)

* Dyane 6 of 1980 (24355km)

* Dyane 6 of 1980 (10865 Km)

* Dyane 6 of 1981 (18121 Km)

* Dyane 6 of 1983 (5684 Km)

* Acadiane of 1980 (108 Km)

* Acadiane GPL of 1982 (1888 Km)


Dyane 6 of 1981

18121 Km

Colour: Bleu Azurite AC 650




MODEL: Dyane 6 confort with centrifugal clutch(option)
Restyled last Dyane model:

Outside - new grille in black plastic
              - stainless-steel bumpers
              - reversed door handles in black plastic
              - push-button boot catch

Inside - hazard warning light system
            - striped cloth
            - a smaller steering wheel

HISTORY: Often, someone who has inherited a car will take their time to sell the car of the deceased. A lady contacted me in order to sell the car of her deceased husband. The meeting was arranged in their second home near Fontainebleau. The sale was agreed with absolutely no sign of sentiment or regret. Yet the certificate of inheritance indicated that the man had died less than 3 weeks earlier.

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