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Guided Visit : OTHERS


Our Others Vehicles exposed

All the others vehicles fulfill the requirements of very low mileage and absolute original condition.

* MEHARI /1972 (4376 Km)

* TYPE HZ /1949 (22597 Km)

* Type HY /1982 (12048Km)

* Type HY BP

* Traction 7C /1938 (45051 Km)

* Traction 11BL/1949 (39985 Km)

* Traction 11B /1953 (15508 Km)

* Traction 15/6  1952 (39834 Km)

* M35 /1970 (31244 Km)

* M35 /1970 (49901 Km)

* M35/1971 (39690 Km)

* SM carburateur /1970 (38022 Km)

* SM injection /1975 (25205 Km)

* SM carburateur/1971 (74693 Km)


SM Injection 1974 (25213 Km)

Colour: Gris Largentière AC082
MODEL: Maserati 6 cylinders in a 90° V. 2670cc, 188Ch (185bhp) at6250 rpm. Bosch fuel injection. 225km/h. Tyres 205X15.
Options present:
-Leather interior
-Tinted glass
-Air conditioning
-Blaupunkt Bamberg radio (the last model offered)
-Michelin wheels of reinforced resin (RR), the rarest option.

HISTORY: The first owner worked in the refrigeration industry in Marseilles. He kept the car for more than 20 years without really using it. He sold the car to the owner of a taxi company in Biarritz. The latter was a collector of predominantly Italian cars, which is why he was interested in the Maserati engine. After years of being kept in perfect storage conditions, he sold it in July 1998 to an enthusiast from Paris who put it up for sale shortly afterwards. After I struck a deal with him, I was forced to drive the car home despite the poor weather conditions. The trip across France was made in snow and with salted roads. Despite the low mileage, I dismantled all the mechanical parts to clean the engine compartment and to replace the hollow exhaust valves, the breakage of which leads to disastrous consequences. The rebuilt car is now in as-new condition.

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