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Guided Visit : OTHERS


Our Others Vehicles exposed

All the others vehicles fulfill the requirements of very low mileage and absolute original condition.

* MEHARI /1972 (4376 Km)

* TYPE HZ /1949 (22597 Km)

* Type HY /1982 (12048Km)

* Type HY BP

* Traction 7C /1938 (45051 Km)

* Traction 11BL/1949 (39985 Km)

* Traction 11B /1953 (15508 Km)

* Traction 15/6  1952 (39834 Km)

* M35 /1970 (31244 Km)

* M35 /1970 (49901 Km)

* M35/1971 (39690 Km)

* SM carburateur /1970 (38022 Km)

* SM injection /1975 (25205 Km)

* SM carburateur/1971 (74693 Km)


TYPE HY 1982 (12048 Km)

TYPE HY 1982. 12048 KM.

MODEL : One of the last HY, manufactured during the last month of production.

Front wheel drive, 1911 cc petrol engine called H78, 3 speed gearbox.
Changes over the years :

  • Indicator arrows became indicator lights.
  • Different side door handle.
  • Chevrons on the front grill shrunk.
  • Windscreen of a single piece.
  • Different metal ribs.
  • Squared rear wings.



The last HY Type left the works on the 14th December 1981. This one was registered on the 26 February 1982, which means that it was left for more than 3 months on the parking area of the Aulnay Citroën factory before arriving at the Perpignan dealership.

The total production of the H type is about 500 000 vehicles, this one is one the last 1000 built.

A Wine grower bought it to transport his employees to the fields. He used it very carefully for a few years, the employees had to be very careful in using it. He got very sick and could not work anymore.

I heard about it from a Citroën enthusiastic and found it in the best conditions: on the first floor beside the boiler! It took 2 persons a whole day to take the fuel oil vapours away, by using tooth brushes!


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