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Guided Visit : OTHERS


Our Others Vehicles exposed

All the others vehicles fulfill the requirements of very low mileage and absolute original condition.

* MEHARI /1972 (4376 Km)

* TYPE HZ /1949 (22597 Km)

* Type HY /1982 (12048Km)

* Type HY BP

* Traction 7C /1938 (45051 Km)

* Traction 11BL/1949 (39985 Km)

* Traction 11B /1953 (15508 Km)

* Traction 15/6  1952 (39834 Km)

* M35 /1970 (31244 Km)

* M35 /1970 (49901 Km)

* M35/1971 (39690 Km)

* SM carburateur /1970 (38022 Km)

* SM injection /1975 (25205 Km)

* SM carburateur/1971 (74693 Km)


Traction 7C Jully 1938 (45051 Km)

Traction 7C Jully 1938 (45051 Km). MODEL : 7C from the 10th of July 1938.

  • Front weel drive, which means "traction avant" in French.
  • Monoshell construction, integral all steel body.
  • Independent front wheel suspension, torsion bar springing.
  • 4 Cylinders with detachable barrels.

The engine is rubber-mounted on the floating power principe. 1628cc, 36hp at 3800 rev per mn.
Overhead valves operated by push-rods and rockers.
Gears: 3 + reverse (top and second synchronised).
Brakes: 4 drums, hydraulic on the 4 wheels.
Steering: Rack and pinion with spiral gear drive.
The same body as the traction light 11BL, smalled than the 11B.
Length: 4,85m - Width: 1,67m - Height: 1,52m.
Widened wings for the new Pilot wheels.
Maximum speed: 100km/h.


I had discovered this Traction in March 1995 in the excellent monthly magazine "Citroën Revue" under the title "To drive the new Traction". At the time it only had 35,000Kms on the clock. The well known Traction specialist, Philippe Chauvet, had obtained the car from her first owner, a Mr Dupont. Mr Dupont had stored the car during the second world war in the centre of France in order to return her following the war to Paris. When I contacted Mr Chauvet, he had already sold the car. I found it again 13 years later in a photo in a small advertisement, with a further 9000kms on the clock. After prolonged negotiations, a deal was agreed, and I left by train to go to Paris.

The car is still in the same state of conservation: exceptional! I returned at the wheel of what is going to be the oldest car in the museum. We covered 900km of route nationae, whithout any mechanical problems, in a Traction smooth and gentle, without mishap or any unexpected noises. An excellent journey.

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