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Guided Visit : AMI


Our AMI exposed

All the AMI fulfill the requirements of very low mileage and absolute original condition.

* AMI 6 /1963 (8546 Km)

* AMI 6 /1965 (17866 Km)

* AMI 6 /1966 (5236 Km)

* AMI 6 Club/1969 (47102 Km)

* AMI 6 Break /1969 (17742 Km)

* AMI 6 Break /1969 (38038 Km)

* AMI 8 Club /1972 (644 Km)

* AMI 8 /1973 (1412 Km)

* AMI Super Club /1973(11225Km)

* AMI Super confort/1973 (2204Km)

* AMI 8 Break /1974 (7048 Km)

* AMI Super /1975 (40831 Km)

* AMI Super /1975 (16936 Km)


AMI 8 Club 1972 (644 Km)

AMI 8 Club  February 1972.

644 Km.

Colour: Beige Albatros AC 087


MODEL : The Ami 8 saloon replaced the Ami 6 saloon in March 69.
2 cylinder 602cc. 35Ch (approximately 33bhp) at 5750rpm. 3CV for taxation purposes. SOLEX 26/35 carburettor. Front disc brakes. 123km/hr.The Club version is the best trim level, distinguished by the chrome window surrounds,side protection strips in the style of the DS Pallas,imitation seats in cloth and a carpet in place of plastic floor covering. The Club was to be replaced in September 1973. This Ami 8 also has the quite rare optional centrifugal clutch.

Price at the time: 10,092 francs.


An old lady decided to obtain her driving licence and ordered this Ami 8 in order to take driving lessons. The centrifugal clutch and 8 lessons were not enough to allow her to get the desired 'pink card', and so the Ami 8 was put away until the death of the owner. A collector of all types of car recovered it, but after his garage was robbed and vandalised, he decided to sell the Ami 8 and placed an advertisement. I bought it without keys and with its documents stolen, but with a certificate of the 8 driving lessons that explain the minimal mileage.

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