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Guided Visit : AMI


Our AMI exposed

All the AMI fulfill the requirements of very low mileage and absolute original condition.

* AMI 6 /1963 (8546 Km)

* AMI 6 /1965 (17866 Km)

* AMI 6 /1966 (5236 Km)

* AMI 6 Club/1969 (47102 Km)

* AMI 6 Break /1969 (17742 Km)

* AMI 6 Break /1969 (38038 Km)

* AMI 8 Club /1972 (644 Km)

* AMI 8 /1973 (1412 Km)

* AMI Super Club /1973(11225Km)

* AMI Super confort/1973 (2204Km)

* AMI 8 Break /1974 (7048 Km)

* AMI Super /1975 (40831 Km)

* AMI Super /1975 (16936 Km)


AMI SUPER CLUB from 1973.
11 225 Km.
COLOUR: Vert argenté métallisé AC527

MODEL: Bodywork of the Ami 8 combined with the first engine/gearbox combination from the GS.4 horizontally opposed (boxer) air cooled cylinders of 1015cc . 61Ch (about 58bhp). 6CV for taxation.Front disc brakes. Top speed 140km/hr.

Exterior differences from the Ami 8:
1.Horizontal lines on the front grille.
2.Ventilation grilles for improved cooling of the 4 cylinders.
3.Strengthened chassis and unique suspension.
4.Gear stick is on the floorThe Ami Super is on the market from 1973 to 1976 in 4 versions: saloon, estate, ‘Commerciale’ and ‘Service’.
The saloon is here in the ‘Club’ trim, superior to the ‘Confort’:
1.Jersey and Targa combined seats
2.Separate front seats with reclining backrests.
3.Sill covering on the carpet
4.Rubbing strips around the body
5.Stainless steel side window trimsThe 1973 model had some specific differences:The wheels were those from the Ami 8, becoming slotted from 1974The bodywork and hubcaps are not yet adorned with a black bandThe front right wing has the motif ‘1015’ which will be replaced by ‘Ami Super’Options: Blaupunkt radio, heated rear window, rear seat belts; metallic paint and quartz halogen headlights ( present here).
Production total from 1973 to 1976 – 44,820 examples

HISTORY: The garage Goulet in Verteillac near to Perigueux is one of the earliest Citroen dealers. At the introduction of the Ami Super, Mr Goulet decides to keep for himself this saloon with the luxury ‘Club’ trim. He used the car very little and died only a few years after its purchase. His son Christian inherits the car and puts it in his name in 1980. He keeps the car for 35 years as a memory of his father, without really using it. He then decided to sell it and asked his loyal employee Mr Perrier to handle the sale. This is how I came to be welcomed into the old garage where the car has remained with the Goulet family and Mr Perrier, for an emotional hand over.

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