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Guided Visit : AMI


Our AMI exposed

All the AMI fulfill the requirements of very low mileage and absolute original condition.

* AMI 6 /1963 (8546 Km)

* AMI 6 /1965 (17866 Km)

* AMI 6 /1966 (5236 Km)

* AMI 6 Club/1969 (47102 Km)

* AMI 6 Break /1969 (17742 Km)

* AMI 6 Break /1969 (38038 Km)

* AMI 8 Club /1972 (644 Km)

* AMI 8 /1973 (1412 Km)

* AMI Super Club /1973(11225Km)

* AMI Super confort/1973 (2204Km)

* AMI 8 Break /1974 (7048 Km)

* AMI Super /1975 (40831 Km)

* AMI Super /1975 (16936 Km)


Ami 8 Break 1974 (7048 Km)

Ami 8 Break. 1974.  7048 Km. Colour: Bleu Lagune AC639

MODEL : Air cooled 602 cc flat twin engine. 35 bhp at 5750 rpm. 123 Km/h.
Disc brakes at the front. LHM fluid for the brakes.

The Ami 8 Estates went into production in March at the same time as the Saloons, but they were not put on sale until September 1969. This was arranged so that dealers had ample time to clear their old stocks of Ami Estate.

Only one type of Estate was available. The Ami 8 Estate was really not much more than a face lift of the original car, with an improved load space, revealing a commendably low floor and a useful loading height.
Estates were sold better than Saloons, especially in the countryside (386 582 estates and 342 743 saloons).
Ami 8 production stopped in July 1978 to make way for the Visa models.

Price at the time: 10 860 francs.


A carpenter of Spanish origin, living in mid-France, bought himself this Ami 8 new for his 50th birthday. Already owning a well-used AK400 2CV van for his daily work, he kept this estate reserved for pleasure. Later the AK400 was replaced by an AX. The Ami 8 was used less and less, and it was placed up on blocks and protected by covers from 1991 (the date of the final insurance certificate). The owner only used his old bicycle. A hoarder by nature, he no longer moved the Ami 8 from his garage, where he conserved all sorts of old objects found in the dustbins. On his death, I was contacted by his benefactors and discovered this car intact, covered with 20 years of dust.

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