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Guided Visit : 2CV


Our 2CV exposed

All the 2CV fulfill the requirements of very low mileage and absolute original condition.

* 2CV /1954 (7285 Km)

* 2CV AZLP/1960 (7335 Km)

* 2CV AZLP /1959 (13645 Km)

* 2CV AZ /1961 (5994 Km)

* 2CV 4x4 /1962 (60000 Km)

* 2CV AZA /1963 (12936 Km)

* 2CV ENAC /1963 (44521 Km)

* 2CV AZAM /1964 (12646 Km)

* 2CV AZAM /1965 (7056 Km)

* 2CV ENAC /1965 (1899 Km)

* 2CV /1972 (12853 Km)

* 2CV /1978 (1571 Km)

* 2CV6 France3 /1983 (26303Km)

* 2CV6 CT / 1984 (84 Kms)

* 2CV Dolly/ 1985 (8593Km)

* 2CV Charleston /1990 (726 Km)

* 2CV fourgonnette /1964 (11794 Km)

* 2CV camionnette /1960 (15568 Km)



 2CV6 CT of 1984   84 Km.
Colour: AC 069 Beige Colorado.

MODEL:2CV 6 CT (for “Confort”): a trim level equivalent to the French “Club” with rectangular headlights. Powered with a 602 cc aircooled twin cylinder. 29 CV. 3CV tax class. 115 km/hr.Front disc brakes from 1981.Price of the 2CV 6 Club in France at this time: 32,600 Francs.

HISTORY:1984 is the last year of 2CV production in Spain, in the Vigo factory located to the north of Portugal. Production will continue at Levallois up to February 1988 and at Mangualde in Portugal up to July 1990. This 2CV is one of the last 1,143 Spanish-built models. It was ordered by a dealer in Andalusia in the south of the country. His initial idea was to neither sell nor register it, but keep it as a memory of the 2CV in Spain. Over time he realized that his sons were not going to take over care of the car, so he sold it in 2009 to Jorge, a Citroen enthusiast from the north of the country. He cared for the car, only driving 30 km in 9 years. He then decided to sell it to Manuel, a French car collector and head of a car parts company set up in Lleida near Barcelona in 1970. As a car enthusiast, he contacted me and welcomed me warmly, pleased that this 2CV will have a place in the museum.

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