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Guided Visit : 2CV


Our 2CV exposed

All the 2CV fulfill the requirements of very low mileage and absolute original condition.

* 2CV /1954 (7285 Km)

* 2CV AZLP/1960 (7335 Km)

* 2CV AZLP /1959 (13645 Km)

* 2CV AZ /1961 (5994 Km)

* 2CV 4x4 /1962 (60000 Km)

* 2CV AZA /1963 (12936 Km)

* 2CV ENAC /1963 (44521 Km)

* 2CV AZAM /1964 (12646 Km)

* 2CV AZAM /1965 (7056 Km)

* 2CV ENAC /1965 (1899 Km)

* 2CV /1972 (12853 Km)

* 2CV /1978 (1571 Km)

* 2CV6 France3 /1983 (26303Km)

* 2CV6 CT / 1984 (84 Kms)

* 2CV Dolly/ 1985 (8593Km)

* 2CV Charleston /1990 (726 Km)

* 2CV fourgonnette /1964 (11794 Km)

* 2CV camionnette /1960 (15568 Km)



2CV Enac from 1965. 1899 Km
Colour: Gris Typhon. AC147

MODEL: 18cv engine. AZA trim, lower level trim than the AZAM.AZA commercial: The 2CV Mixte is modified by the ENAC company from march 1962.
It has several functional differences:
-The bood lid and back window open as one single opening door (like a hatchback).
-The rear seat can tilt and fold.
-The spare- wheel is under the bonnet.
These modifications allow a flat boot floor of 1.15m length.There are weight marks on the right hand side, as one would expect of a utilitarian car.

HISTORY: A teacher MrVedrine takes retirement at 55 years of age and gets this 2CV, useful for fishing in the Auvergne. This purchase proved to be a mistake. A rival fisherman also went by car to the same place to fish, and had the habit of going out at the same time as him. Furthermore, the construction of a house did not allow him much leisure time. Eventually, with the life of Saint-Sauves no longer suiting him, MrVedrine returned to live in the Paris region with his daughter. The car was then put away until 1993. His son read an article about a 2CV fan having set-up a specialist business and this person bought the car for his cousin who kept it in its dusty state for 18 years, before selling it on to me. A deep clean was required and much work to put it back on the road (breaks, clutch and parts of the engine were seized).


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