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Guided Visit : 2CV


Our 2CV exposed

All the 2CV fulfill the requirements of very low mileage and absolute original condition.

* 2CV /1954 (7285 Km)

* 2CV AZLP/1960 (7335 Km)

* 2CV AZLP /1959 (13645 Km)

* 2CV AZ /1961 (5994 Km)

* 2CV 4x4 /1962 (60000 Km)

* 2CV AZA /1963 (12936 Km)

* 2CV ENAC /1963 (44521 Km)

* 2CV AZAM /1964 (12646 Km)

* 2CV AZAM /1965 (7056 Km)

* 2CV ENAC /1965 (1899 Km)

* 2CV /1972 (12853 Km)

* 2CV /1978 (1571 Km)

* 2CV6 France3 /1983 (26303Km)

* 2CV6 CT / 1984 (84 Kms)

* 2CV Dolly/ 1985 (8593Km)

* 2CV Charleston /1990 (726 Km)

* 2CV fourgonnette /1964 (11794 Km)

* 2CV camionnette /1960 (15568 Km)



2CV6 France3 1983 (26303 Km)

Colour: Blanc Meije AC088
MODEL : 602cc engine, front disc brakes. A limited edition of 2000 cars appeared to celebrate the America’s Cup. Citroën sponsored a yacht in the Defi Francais skipped by Marc Pajot. For every car sold, Citroen provided some money for the upkeep of the boat. The car used a ‘blanc meije’ 2CV6 Special as its base. There were no additional extras, only the decoration was special: an ocean blue band on the bonnet, hood and bootlid, and a curved band on the flanks. The upholstery in an off-white cloth also had blue bands across it. Finally, the words ‘2CV France 3’ were on the bootlid, accompanied by a sticker of a yacht.In 1984, a second run of 2000 examples were launched under the name of ‘Thalacap’, the only difference being the lack of a yacht sticker.It was marketed in the United Kingdom under the name of ‘Beachcomber’ and of ‘Transat’ in Germany and the Benelux countries.

HISTORY: All the ‘France 3’s that I found didn’t fulfil the criterias for the museum, or proved to be fake ones. This one appeared in an advert in January 2010, its history being beyond reproach. A lady was selling after the death of her father. He had always had 2CV’s as his second car, since they came out in 1949. As a fan of boats, he ordered this ‘France 3’ as his 6th and final 2CV. Even though it was kept by the sea in the town of Regneville (Manche), it was always kept in a garage and it is conserved in excellent condition.

Photos: Etienne Musslin

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