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Guided Visit : CX


Our CX exposed

All the CX fulfill the requirements of very low mileage and absolute original condition.

* CX 22 TRS from 1988 (62 Km)

* CX 2000 Pallas from 1976 (26963 Km)
* CX GTI /1981 (48890 Km)

* CX Athena /1982 (41932 Km)

* CX Break /1982 (13819 Km)

* CX Safari /1984 (13684 Km)

* CX Prototype REGAMO /1987 (30260 Km)

* CX Prestige/1988 (136 Km)

* CX Leader/1989 (9217 Km)


CX 2000 Pallas from 1976.

Km: 26963

Colour: Gris Largentiere AC082.



CX: The last of the real CITROEN before the take over by PEUGEOT (June 74).
PALLAS: The most luxurious model with natural leather upholstery option.
2000: 1985 cc engine, 102 bhp at 5500 revs per mn. 4 speed gearbox. 4 disc brakes. Originally at the time: Manual steering necessitating a larger steering wheel, to satisfy the old customers used to Traction and ID. The fact that the servo steering was not standard was much criticized.
Price at the time: 35 400 francs.

HISTORY: As I was on a trip to Lyon, I bought a newspaper at Orange station and I saw an ad for this car. I took an appointment in Villeurbanne with the owner’s daughter. The vehicle went out of its garage in an almost brand new condition after some ten years at a stop. A new battery, some petrol, air in the tyres, the usual controls, and the vehicle headed south. Her brother was a Citroen agent and ordered the CX for the father. That’s why it still has its blue-teinted protection plastics on the stainless parts inside the doors.

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