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Guided Visit : CX


Our CX exposed

All the CX fulfill the requirements of very low mileage and absolute original condition.

* CX 22 TRS from 1988 (62 Km)

* CX 2000 Pallas from 1976 (26963 Km)
* CX GTI /1981 (48890 Km)

* CX Athena /1982 (41932 Km)

* CX Break /1982 (13819 Km)

* CX Safari /1984 (13684 Km)

* CX Prototype REGAMO /1987 (30260 Km)

* CX Prestige/1988 (136 Km)

* CX Leader/1989 (9217 Km)


CX 22 TRS Jully 1988 (62 Km)

CX 22 TRS, 07/1988, 62 KM !!! COLOUR : Gris perle.

MODEL : Series 2 since summer 1985, easy to recognise at first sight with plastic bumpers and new dashboard.
Transverse, four-in-line engine manufactured in collaboration with Renault at the Douvrin factory. 2165 cc, 115 hp at 5600 rpm.

OPTIONS : Metallic paint.
Isother package: tinted windows, rear sun visors, rear blinds, rear under seat insulation and roof insulation.

Citroën sent out this car to a dealership on the 30th March 1989, even though it was built on the 29th July 1988. This date is indicated by the organisation number nr 4281 written on the corner of the windscreen, the same number also appears on the left side, under the bonnet. The first organisation number appeared on 9 November 1976 and corresponded to one working day for the whole production. This number permits the avoidance of errors when ordering genuine parts.


Citroën Auxerre received the car in April 1989, just one month before the arrival of the new XM. The CX became unsaleable, and so the company registered it to its name and kept it in the basement for 17 years.

The dealer Mr Debusquois contacted me and I discovered it in January 2006, but we did not agree on the price. One year later, a Dutch dealer put it up for sale and then I had to buy it, scared to lose it for good. It still has only 62km on the clock, even if it was on the trailer from Auxerre to Utrecht and then to Castellane.

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