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Guided Visit : CX


Our CX exposed

All the CX fulfill the requirements of very low mileage and absolute original condition.

* CX 22 TRS from 1988 (62 Km)

* CX 2000 Pallas from 1976 (26963 Km)
* CX GTI /1981 (48890 Km)

* CX Athena /1982 (41932 Km)

* CX Break /1982 (13819 Km)

* CX Safari /1984 (13684 Km)

* CX Prototype REGAMO /1987 (30260 Km)

* CX Prestige/1988 (136 Km)

* CX Leader/1989 (9217 Km)


CX Prototype 1987 (30260 Km)

CX PROTOTYPE, 11/1987 (model 88), 30260 KM. COLOUR : Gris perle.

MODEL :  Whilst it looks like a regular CX 2500 GTI series 2, it is in fact a prototype called the CX Regamo.
OPTIONS : The same options were fitted to all 12 cars: aircon, ABS, electric door mirrors, VIP trim (black and grey velour upholstery, rear head rests, 4 electric windows).

REG means regulation and AMO is for amortisseurs (ie suspension dampers).

12 such cars were produced in order to test the hydractive suspension of the imminent XM. 6 cars were kept for factory tests, the other 6 were delivered to dealerships. They then leased the cars to high mileage drivers in order to test them. After 30000kms, the cars were changed back into regular CX's, so they could be sold on as second hand cars.

At the moment, only 2 original Regamo cars are known to survive, this one and another kept by Citroen in Paris.

The main mounting is under the bonnet and on the right back chassis. The control unit is to the right of the steering wheel. The computer is under the right seat.


I bought this car from Mr Kaminsky, the Citroen dealer in Romans. Fond of old vehicles, he knew that this model was too interesting to be transformed back into a regular CX, though the main factory asked for it. After leasing it to a Mr Andre, he then kept it for 16 years.

Mr Kaminsky was the dealer who saved the DS number 32 from an uncertain future, and when he knew I had bought the DS for the museum, he suggested that I do the same with this rare CX.

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