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Guided Visit : CX


Our CX exposed

All the CX fulfill the requirements of very low mileage and absolute original condition.

* CX 22 TRS from 1988 (62 Km)

* CX 2000 Pallas from 1976 (26963 Km)
* CX GTI /1981 (48890 Km)

* CX Athena /1982 (41932 Km)

* CX Break /1982 (13819 Km)

* CX Safari /1984 (13684 Km)

* CX Prototype REGAMO /1987 (30260 Km)

* CX Prestige/1988 (136 Km)

* CX Leader/1989 (9217 Km)


CX ATHENA  from december 1981 Year model 1982 (41932km).
Colour:Sable doré AC318.

The CX 2000 is replaced by the Reflex and the Athena from July 1979. There is a also used in the Renault 20 and the Peugeot 505.

The Athena is more luxurious than the Reflex, gaining the assisted steering system known as DIRAVI, amongst other things.

From the start of the 1981 model year:
The addition of an economy meter on the dashboard on all models.
A 5 speed gearbox as standard on the Athena.

From the start of the 1982 model year:
Enlargement of the front wings on all CXs, to allow the use of the new TRX tyres on the CX 2400 GTI or as an option on the 2400 Pallas and Prestige.
The quarter panels are larger and are a matt black colour.

The end of production of the Athena is in 1982, replaced by the CX 20 TRE from 1983 to 1985.

HISTORY:  M Aussourd was very old when he ordered this CX. He only used it for a short time before he died of a heart attack. His widow cared for the car, protecting it with covers for 20 years. When she moved into a nursing home, she found that no one in the family cared anything for the car. Her niece persuaded her to place an advert to sell the car. So I found myself on board a train for Paris, getting to the meeting point at Ouilles station, before returning to Castellane at the wheel of this superb CX.

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