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Guided Visit : Youngtimer


Les youngtimers présentés répondent tous aux critères de faible kilométrage et en état d'origine, le plus proche du neuf.

BX 16 Soupapes of 1989 (53104 Km)

BX 16 TRS of 1982 (23842 Km)

BX Leader of 1987 (6733 Km)

Visa Super of 1978 (11212 Km)

Visa II Super of 1982 (2226 Km)

Visa Bicylindres of 1988 (6873 Km)

LNA 11E Canelle of 1983 (4781 Km)

Axel Entreprise of 1986 (1936Km)

AX K-WAY of 1990 (6694 Km)

AX Miami of 1995 (8878 Km)

AX Spot of 1995 (174 Km)

Xantia Activa of 1997 (1580 Km)

XM V6 of 1990 (34210 Km)

XM of 1992 (35153 Km)

XM of 1998 (57095 Km)


BX 16TRS of 1982

23842 Km

COLOUR:Gris Perle

MODEL: The top of the BX range at the launch of the BX in September 1982.Engine 1580cc of 90bhp, double barrel carburettor, 5 speed gearbox.The 16TRS is recognisable from its exterior by it smoked quarter panels. It’s also distinguished by having central locking, front electric windows and a rev counter with a horizontal bar. Options: power steering, rear electric windows, Hifi upgrade and air conditioning.

HISTORY: Mr Pecheux bought this car to travel mainly from Cannes to the ski station La Foux d'Allos. He was a ski instructor but he got badly sick and his car always stayed stored in a basement of a building in Cannes. It remained there for several years unused after the death of its owner. The widow contacted a scrap yard in Cannes to remove and crush it. The employee tasked with this job had the presence of mind to persuade the owner to put it up for sale instead.

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Guided Visit : Youngtimers

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