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Guided Visit : GS


Our GS and GSA exposed

All the GS and GSA fulfill the requirements of very low mileage and absolute original condition.

* GS break club 1972 (58887 Km)

* GS Club /1972 (1946 Km)    

* GS Birotor 1974 (28832 Km)

* GS Pallas /1975 (36857 Km)

* GS Break Club /1976 (26739 Km)

* GS X2 /1976 (12885 Km)

* GS Pallas /1977 (23951 Km)

* GS C-Matic /1978 (20296 Km)

* G Special /1978 (10825 Km)

* GS Basalte/1978 (97250 Km)

* GS Cimos/1980 (32 km)

* GSA Pallas /1980 (29457 Km)

* GSA X3 from 1981 (4874 Km)

* GSA Spécial /1981 (19759 Km)

* GSA Tuner/1982 (119130 Km)

* GSA Club /1982 (17390 Km)

* GSA C-Matic /1982 (7764 Km)

* GSA Break /1983 (24960 Km)

* GSA Cottage /1984 (15642 Km)

* GSA Spécial /1984 (41 Km)

* GSA Chic/1985 (16640 Km)

* GS Birotor /1974 (29766 Km)

* GS Birotor /1974 (28832 Km)


GS C-Matic Pallas from 1978, 20296 Km

COLOUR: Beige Opale AC078
MODEL: 1220 cc engine, 60 DIN horse power at 5,750 revs per minute. 7 horse power in terms of taxes concern. Pallas option: the top of the range option, an higher lever of luxury. C-Matic option: Semi automatic transmission with a 3 speed gearbox. Gear selection is by a floor level gear lever; There is no clutch pedal, the clutch being operated by hydraulic pressure from a pump integrated with the gearbox. It was easier to drive in the city with this device, the first buyers of the GS were old people, they appreciated this option.

HISTORY: After seeing an advertisement, I went from Grasse to the region of Tarn in order to find this vehicle being sold by a fan of the manufacturer Simca. After 500kms on the road, I discovered to my great surprise this GS registered in my own department of Alpes-Maritimes. It had belonged beforehand to a couple of teachers who retired to the Tarn, but who had taught in Antibes. So I returned the GS to its region of origin.

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