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Guided Visit : GS


Our GS and GSA exposed

All the GS and GSA fulfill the requirements of very low mileage and absolute original condition.

* GS break club 1972 (58887 Km)

* GS Club /1972 (1946 Km)    

* GS Birotor 1974 (28832 Km)

* GS Pallas /1975 (36857 Km)

* GS Break Club /1976 (26739 Km)

* GS X2 /1976 (12885 Km)

* GS Pallas /1977 (23951 Km)

* GS C-Matic /1978 (20296 Km)

* G Special /1978 (10825 Km)

* GS Basalte/1978 (97250 Km)

* GS Cimos/1980 (32 km)

* GSA Pallas /1980 (29457 Km)

* GSA X3 from 1981 (4874 Km)

* GSA Spécial /1981 (19759 Km)

* GSA Tuner/1982 (119130 Km)

* GSA Club /1982 (17390 Km)

* GSA C-Matic /1982 (7764 Km)

* GSA Break /1983 (24960 Km)

* GSA Cottage /1984 (15642 Km)

* GSA Spécial /1984 (41 Km)

* GSA Chic/1985 (16640 Km)

* GS Birotor /1974 (29766 Km)

* GS Birotor /1974 (28832 Km)


GSA Club 1982 (17390 Km)

GSA Club 1982 (17390 Km). Colour : AC440 Cuivre Tammela métalisé.

MODEL : The GSA Club is positioned in the middle of the range, placed between the Special and the Pallas.Engine: 1300cc air-cooled, 65Ch DIN.
4 speed gearbox. The C-matic gearbox was a no-cost option, and a 5 speed gearbox was available at extra cost.

Other options absent from this car: rear wash-wipe, tinted windows, radio, sunroof, alloy wheels.

The headrests were not an option but were sold afterwards by the 'Accessoirie' accessory shop, and so were put in after the purchase of the car, the bill for this is shown here.

Maximum speed: 160km/hr


This GSA was offered to me by a M Dussart who saved it from a certain end. It had been ordered new from the Bourges Citroen dealership by a retired road/bridge engineer, who died in 1989. The car was used very little by the widow, however she refused to be parted from the car. On her death in 2011 and in the absence of an heir, it was decided to destroy the car as the Carte Grise (registration document) was lost. M Dussart was aware of these events, and went to great lengths to save this GSA from the crusher and succeeded in getting a new Carte Grise. The first Carte Grise had been left in the wallet of the dead owner which had been placed in the suit he was buried in, so presumably remains there to this day!

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