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Guided Visit : GS


Our GS and GSA exposed

All the GS and GSA fulfill the requirements of very low mileage and absolute original condition.

* GS break club 1972 (58887 Km)

* GS Club /1972 (1946 Km)    

* GS Birotor 1974 (28832 Km)

* GS Pallas /1975 (36857 Km)

* GS Break Club /1976 (26739 Km)

* GS X2 /1976 (12885 Km)

* GS Pallas /1977 (23951 Km)

* GS C-Matic /1978 (20296 Km)

* G Special /1978 (10825 Km)

* GS Basalte/1978 (97250 Km)

* GS Cimos/1980 (32 km)

* GSA Pallas /1980 (29457 Km)

* GSA X3 from 1981 (4874 Km)

* GSA Spécial /1981 (19759 Km)

* GSA Tuner/1982 (119130 Km)

* GSA Club /1982 (17390 Km)

* GSA C-Matic /1982 (7764 Km)

* GSA Break /1983 (24960 Km)

* GSA Cottage /1984 (15642 Km)

* GSA Spécial /1984 (41 Km)

* GSA Chic/1985 (16640 Km)

* GS Birotor /1974 (29766 Km)

* GS Birotor /1974 (28832 Km)


GS Basalte from 1978. 97250 Km.
Colour: Noir AC200

MODEL: 1220cc engine, 4 speed gearbox. The Basalte is the only limited edition version of the GS. 1800 examples would go on to be built for the French market, using the GS Club as the base. It comes with the following equipment in particular : 1.Manually operated sunroof 2.Tinted window glass and laminated windscreen 3.Front foglights 4.‘Pied-de-coq’ patterned upholstery and black carpets. 5.Decorative adhesive stripes for the bodywork. 6.‘Pallas’ type wheel trims 7.Headlamp washers and wipers. Intended for the American market which in fact never came about, the limited edition proved to be a good way of moving stock. 8.Citroen provided stickers of the initials of the owner, which went on the driver’s door.There was also a certificate provided to attest the authenticity of the Basalte and recorded the number of the series.


HISTORY: The Citroen agent in Nogaro sold this car new to a M. Carrere. He bought it back again 4 years later, being aware of the rarity of the model. The car remained for more than 30 years in a corner of his garage. The upholstery was protected by covers and the mechanical parts were kept maintained. After seeing an article about the museum, he contacted me to offer the car. Despite a relatively high mileage, but due to the excellent original condition, the car joins the collection of GS’s here.

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