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Guided Visit : GS


Our GS and GSA exposed

All the GS and GSA fulfill the requirements of very low mileage and absolute original condition.

* GS break club 1972 (58887 Km)

* GS Club /1972 (1946 Km)    

* GS Birotor 1974 (28832 Km)

* GS Pallas /1975 (36857 Km)

* GS Break Club /1976 (26739 Km)

* GS X2 /1976 (12885 Km)

* GS Pallas /1977 (23951 Km)

* GS C-Matic /1978 (20296 Km)

* G Special /1978 (10825 Km)

* GS Basalte/1978 (97250 Km)

* GSA Pallas /1980 (29457 Km)

* GSA X3 from 1981 (4874 Km)

* GSA Spécial /1981 (19759 Km)

* GSA Club /1982 (17390 Km)

* GSA C-Matic /1982 (7764 Km)

* GSA Break /1983 (24960 Km)

* GSA Cottage /1984 (15642 Km)

* GSA Spécial /1984 (41 Km)

* GSA Chic/1985 (16640 Km)

* GS Birotor /1974 (29766 Km)

* GS Birotor /1974 (28832 Km)


GSA X3 1981 (4 874 Km)

GSA X3 1981 (4874 Km). COLOUR: Blanc Meije AC088.

MODEL : The GSA was produced from 1980 to 1986.On the X3:1299cc engine. 65 Ch (approx 62bhp). 7CV for tax purposes. 5 speed gearbox. 160km/h.The big improvement over the GS is increased interior space and improved access to the back via a hatchback.

The GSA can be differentiated from the GS on the exterior by:

  • Plastic bumpers and a new grille (foglights on the X3).
  • Larger rubbing strips.
  • New wheel trims (Option: alloy wheels).

On the interior:

  • A more futuristic dashboard with controls grouped on two satellite pods.
  • New seats and those of the X3 with integrated headrests.
  • The right wing mirror controlled from the inside on the X3.

Price at the time: 41 500 francs, the most expensive GSA (the same price as the Pallas).


The first owner rapidly became ill after only covering 2000kms. Being meticulous, he even ordered a 5th alloy wheel and looked after the GSA at the back of his garage. On his death, his family continued caring for it then decided in 2000 to use it for a few hundred kilometers per annum. In 2007, a Citroen fan learnt of its existence during the technic check of his XM. He succeeded in buying it and only drove 400kms before selling it on to me near Angouleme.

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