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Guided Visit : GS


Our GS and GSA exposed

All the GS and GSA fulfill the requirements of very low mileage and absolute original condition.

* GS break club 1972 (58887 Km)

* GS Club /1972 (1946 Km)    

* GS Birotor 1974 (28832 Km)

* GS Pallas /1975 (36857 Km)

* GS Break Club /1976 (26739 Km)

* GS X2 /1976 (12885 Km)

* GS Pallas /1977 (23951 Km)

* GS C-Matic /1978 (20296 Km)

* G Special /1978 (10825 Km)

* GS Basalte/1978 (97250 Km)

* GS Cimos/1980 (32 km)

* GSA Pallas /1980 (29457 Km)

* GSA X3 from 1981 (4874 Km)

* GSA Spécial /1981 (19759 Km)

* GSA Tuner/1982 (119130 Km)

* GSA Club /1982 (17390 Km)

* GSA C-Matic /1982 (7764 Km)

* GSA Break /1983 (24960 Km)

* GSA Cottage /1984 (15642 Km)

* GSA Spécial /1984 (41 Km)

* GSA Chic/1985 (16640 Km)

* GS Birotor /1974 (29766 Km)

* GS Birotor /1974 (28832 Km)


GSA Tuner de 1982


Colour: Noir AC 200

MODEL: Limited edition of 1,500 examples only in France, launched in March 1982 Outwardly recognisable by silver and blue stripes and the 3 “Tuner” logos on the front doors and tailgate.
Intended to appeal to a younger type of GSA customer, it offered a top-of-the-range Philips Hi-Fi, model AC 810 on the base of a GSA Club:
- AM/FM stereo radio cassette player, 2 x 6Watts, automatic radio station search
- Amplifier/equaliser of 2 x 16W or 4 x 10W
- 4 medium tweeters (2 in the front, 2 in the rear)
- A double coil “subwoofer” under the driver’s seat
- A mini-jack for a headset
Engine of 1,299 cc, 65 CH, 5 speed gearbox.
Price at the time: 53,800 Francs. (10,500 Francs more than a Club)

HISTORY: The GS and GSA were available as 4 limited edition models: the Basalte, Cottage, Chic and Tuner.
This last one, the rarest, was the only one that I lacked.
This one appeared as an advert on the website “Le Bon Coin” at 10.45 pm. Being “lucky” enough to be an insomniac, I found the advert at 4 am. I immediately sent a message and waited until 7am to phone. In the meantime, the advert had disappeared. No reply on the telephone and so I left a new message.
After an hour of waiting feverishly, the seller called me back and said that he had removed the advert so not to be disturbed, the Tuner was reserved for me.
At his place, I found it to be an unrestored car, no corrosion, an interior in beautiful condition and complete except for the headphones.
In the family home in the countryside near Niort, I meet with 4 of 5 Citroënist brothers, just like their father who was an old garage owner. I learned that their mother had the same name as me, and came from the Vendee, just like my grandfather: the car remained a little bit in the family!

Sortie de grange.
Sortie de grange.
Retour sous la pluie.
Retour sous la pluie.
Mécanique à refaire
Mécanique à refaire
Sortie du groupe.
Sortie du groupe.
Groupe terminé (voir Atelier).
Groupe terminé (voir Atelier).
Repose du groupe.
Repose du groupe.
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